"Dense, wild, yet artfully controlled...

Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

" ... the fantastic Wet Ink Ensemble combined striking stylistic and aesthetic assurance with technical perfection."

Torsten Möller, Dissonanz (Switzerland)

"Comprehensively astounding .... a twenty-first century masterpiece .... a ninety-minute tour de force in which ideas assume sound and form."

Alex Ross, The New Yorker [on Kate Soper's Ipsa Dixit, written for Wet Ink over 6 years of collaboration]

"...multitasking virtuosos."

Alex Ross, The New Yorker

"A brilliant, uncompromising collective of composers, interpreters, and improvisers"

Steve Smith, The Log Journal

"This composers’ collective and performing ensemble has made a mark in a crowded New York scene with persuasive accounts of uncompromisingly original music by its members, and with its unflagging belief in the power of collaboration."

Steve Smith, The New Yorker

"Sublimely exploratory..."

Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader

"Wet Ink’s repertoire includes music that they collectively develop, like a rock band...and the group is a leading interpreter of composers like Anthony Braxton and Christian Wolff...taken together, it all makes for a body of work drawing connections that might seem obvious, even commonplace, were it not for the reality that they have, in actual fact, been woefully under-explored"

George Grella, Music & Literature


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